Bruce Gandy

The face of youth and experience! embarassed

Many thoughts jump into our heads every day and if you’re payin’ attention, it’s harder to be blindsided. Payin’ attention has brought me clarity and focus and makes all my writing better.

I’ve worked in showbiz and information technology, climbed trees, detected privately and taken photographs for a living and through it all, my passion for the written word bubbled down below.

So much in today’s world is all about style and fluff, but content is king and I choose writing as a way of staying focused and communicating clearly.

And I’ve discovered how much fun (also known as blood, sweat, and tears) copywriting can be, so while I’m working on my book, that’s my day.

Newsletters – 

  • Are a great way to keep in touch with your customers and let them know of things that might be of interest to them.

Sales Letters –

  • If done correctly, can move a reader to buy what you’re selling. (Same thing with Emails!)

Website Content –

  • Don’t use filler for your website content! Let me make it say something that drives traffic to your site and makes you money!

Play and film scripts –

  • May need editing or formatting to show your ideas the way you intended.

 If I can help you with your written business content, feel free to get in touch by sending a message in the Comments below.

So, are YOU payin’ attention?  Just sayin’.