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Author: Thinkin' out loud

Decisions, decisions

Every day we make decisions. Decisions about when to get out of bed (how many snoozes the alarm will have), what to wear, what to eat, when to eat. And then there are the mundane decisions that are made for us by others leaving us to decide whether we will abide by those decisions. Sometimes we may feel like we have no choice about something, but there’s always a choice. It’s not necessarily a good choice: either to face the bear with your back to the cliff, or jump off the cliff, but it’s still a choice.

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Recruiter, heal thyself!

I’ve been an IT consultant for quite a while now and recruiters and I are part of a very symbiotic network. We need each other and we both know that. As in any field, the quality of the players varies and I want to share this particularly irritating thing with you dear reader, to see via your feedback if I’m justified in my irritation.

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