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Author: Thinkin' out loud

Payin’ Attention — Not

When I was teaching software applications, operating systems, development, whatever, I could walk around a classroom of 20 students and from roughly five feet away from a monitor tell a student if they were missing a comma, a semi-colon or period in their programming code.

As a writer, I seldom use spell check because I’m a pretty good speller and typos literally jump off a page at me.

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The Spirit of Christmas

Two angels suddenly appeared in a bar and, after getting their bearings, sat down in a booth by the far corner. Business was light if you called Murray the bartender and Sal, the only other patron, light business. But then it WAS 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve and Murray was gently prodding Sal to understand the significance of this so that he could close. Now he had to deal with these angels too!

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