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Recruiter, heal thyself!

I’ve been an IT consultant for quite a while now and recruiters and I are part of a very symbiotic network. We need each other and we both know that. As in any field, the quality of the players varies and I want to share this particularly irritating thing with you dear reader, to see via your feedback if I’m justified in my irritation.

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Life is like Acting, only different

While acting may look simple, there is not only an art, but an approach, that requires study, preparation and constant practice of all the skills that an actor needs to have at his/her fingertips in order to play the instrument that is their body and spirit well and on demand. And isn’t that like a successful life?

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Lotus Notes and Me

Way back in the olden days, a client asked me if I had ever heard of Lotus Notes. She told me that I should get involved with it because it was going to be big. Anyhooo, I built a company based on Lotus Notes/Domino. I became a Lotus Business Partner and got all the Lotus Notes software as part of that membership.

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Payin’ Attention — Not

When I was teaching software applications, operating systems, development, whatever, I could walk around a classroom of 20 students and from roughly five feet away from a monitor tell a student if they were missing a comma, a semi-colon or period in their programming code.

As a writer, I seldom use spell check because I’m a pretty good speller and typos literally jump off a page at me.

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