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The Real Problem with America Is … Our Education System.

Yeah, I know, you may have a different answer or answers, but to me, if we can fix this one, we’ll have brighter, more informed minds electing brighter, more dedicated public servants to truly represent them to solve the other issues.

I went to college with one goal in mind: to learn how to think. One can always look up facts and information. The goal is to learn how to process that information; to reason; how to find the right facts. With the ability to think, one can always deduce certain other bits of information. The thinking process gives us the ability to discern more information from what we already know and the tools to eliminate the wheat from the chaff. That’s what education should be doing.

Curiosity and education helped us to refine the fields of science and engineering to eliminate that which didn’t make sense and gave us more and better tools, which we use to further our body of knowledge.


This post was also seen on the Facebook page: Payin’ Attention. As of this moment, it’s received a couple of likes, a couple of negative reactions/posts and one negative post in particular that I chose to reply to. I’m thankful that I did because it led to a wonderful engagement and civil exchange of ideas. As Peter said, 

“I know that if the problems we have here in America are going to be solved people like you and l will have to find things we agree on, the political class only want us fighting to keep themselves in power. Thanks for the conversation.”

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Unless We Stimulate Our Minds and Encourage that Curiosity to Learn More, We Are Doomed to the Status Quo.

Imagine if you will, the youth of the world will be told that their schooling will end after the 8th grade. Of course, some will be happy, but millions upon millions, seeing the accomplishments and failures of the previous generations, could find themselves lost and despairing. Curiosity combined with the ability to reason (think) has made the world what it is today, for good or ill. And education is the institutionalized means to foster those traits. If we were not gifted with the heights of brilliance that so few of our species have attained, we can still learn to contribute and make this world a better place.

With all of that in mind, I’m going to confirm here something I’ve been observing for many years. The pattern I’ve seen across so much of our country is that Republican legislators, under the guise of fiscal responsibility (austerity), have sought to undermine our schools. They know that uninformed voters will buy into their sound bites without bothering to question their veracity. The easiest way to get elected is to lie to low information voters. They will either not bother or be unable to discern fact from fiction.

All this research below is based on globally available information, so please, prove it for yourself. The premise is basically this:

How Effective is the Educational System in Red (Mostly Republican Voter) States?

In each of the five following charts, our sample is for the 60% of the states ranked lowest in the country. Of the 50 states, I’m going to look at the bottom ranked 30. Note that these studies are not saying that people are stupid. They are showing where the state education system failed them.

The first one we will look at is College Readiness. (Click the red links to see the data.) These statistics were published by the two testing organizations that colleges rely upon to determine student admissions, ACT and SAT scores for 2017. So for our sample, 80% of those students were unprepared for college and they all came from Red (Republican) States. This begs the questions either: what the hell were they doing for 12 years or what minimal subjects were they being prepared for proficiency?

Next, the measurement is for High School Graduation. This means how many of the students who started in ninth grade, graduated from high school? This one is a little bit better because in our sample, 70% the students from Red states did graduate from high school. Are we sure that’s a good thing if 70% graduated high school, but they weren’t prepared for college?

The next two studies come from what the US Department of Education calls “The Nation’s Scorecard”. In Math and Reading, 77% of the lowest scores in our sample, come from the Red States.

Finally, the statistics rank the Spending per Pupil for each state. Again, 77% of the lowest scores in our sample, come from the Red States. Surprise, surprise. What would you expect after looking at the other rankings?

Updated 25-Mar-2018 at the request of Corey, a reader with good advice.

And Yet, Most of these People Insist, Many Times with Rabid Ferocity, that They Are Well-Informed.

You may have gleaned that I try to form my conclusions based on hard facts. I also try to maintain perspective by checking in with Fox News, and If I really want to work up a good raging shout-at-the-TV fix, I watch Alex Jones at or any other conspiracy theory that comes down the pike. However, I will plead guilty to getting rabid when it comes to one thing: Donald Trump. 

I have the advantage over true Trumpsters of having spent most of my adult life in the New York Metro area. Trump was comic fodder for his constant efforts at seeking any type of publicity, his brazen public affair with his second wife, Marla Maples, while still married to Ivana, his multiple bankruptcies, and the fact that if his lips were moving, he was lying. We know a Con Man when we see one.

I would normally cite other links to verify my sources at this point, but they are simply far too numerous. If you want proof, please read the Washington Post, or the New York Times, or NPR, or anything else that this narcissistic, sociopathic, lying “thing” has denigrated on his way to destroying our country.

If you couldn’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary for some reason (by the way, as to my bona fides, I voted for Reagan twice and favored Bernie over Hillary), I do hope you’re having Buyer’s Remorse).

So, here’s a thought. Why don’t we vote for governing representatives and leaders who value education and visions of the future that will enable the students of today to solve the problems of tomorrow? Especially since we created them.

I rest my case.

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