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I had asked my mother to send me this story because I wanted to retell it somewhere. Now I know where.

“While living on Hilton Head, our doctor felt Dad had two carotid blocked arteries and scheduled a Doppler test for the next day. Because Dad had already had one carotid artery operated on we were both very concerned and couldn’t sleep. I had even called Guy Lambert (an old family friend who is a minister) in New Mexico asking them to pray for your Dad.

I was praying and praying that Dad could get to sleep when suddenly I was enveloped in the whitest light. If I looked up, down, or sideways, everything was white. The light slowly faded and I looked at Dad. He was sound asleep and slept the rest of the night. When the test was completed the next day, it showed no blockage. Who says there is no God above? Not I!”